Tuesday, 13 October 2015

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There are so many fragrances in the market. One of the best fragrances launched by Burberry is Burberry The Beat Cologne. The Burberry The Beat Cologne has distinct citrusy, woodsy and peppery fragrance that improves the man's personality. According to Burberry "this cologne represents all the characters of a man". Burberry The beat Cologne was launched in 2008. Domitille Bertier and Oliver Polge are those two people who work hard on this fragrance. They are also famous for their invented fragrances. They created many fragrances for Victor & Rolf and Christian Dior. Burberry The Beat cologne has fresh, clean felling of the cold citrus aroma. The combination of citrus and aromatic notes makes this fragrance extra special. It begins with a musky Citron note. Its heart is of Vetiver, Fresh Notes, Violet and Pepper, and it dry down to White Musk and Leatherwood Accord. The nice fruity blend used in it is long lasting and will give you a pleasure through out the day.
The women are pleased and love its fresh and unique floral when their husband or boyfriends wear that fragrance. The man when will wear this fragrance oberve immediately its influence and get the complement for its power and your confidence. The Burberry The Beat Cologne is interesting creation that has combination of two characteristics of men; mysteriousness and sex-appeal. This is best made for men and its magical power is confirmed. So, you must enjoy the fragrances introduced by the Burberry. There is no reason why you would not use the scent of Burberry.